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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have an age limit?
We do not recommend children/minors to enter due to content and situations inside. It is parental discretion to allow their children to enter. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Do you accept credit cards?
We do not at this time, cash only. Although, there is an ATM Machine on site.

What’s the difference between the events?
Cayo is based along an industrial horror, post-apocalyptic theme. All four attractions are centered around a character named “Surgeoen”. Each attraction is a representation of his underworld. There are no Jason’s, Freddy’s, or Michael Myers, within these halls. All content is original themed, and designed to invoke fear and intrigue. Cayo designed for those who are not easily scared, the imagery and set designs inspire thought for those who look deeper within what they experience.

Which is scariest, which one is best?
People react to fear differently. It’s all personal perception what you find scary. We aim to scare in all attractions. There are cells, pigs, undead life, gas chambers, secret military offices, abandoned surgery rooms, caverns, animal experimentations, quarantine facility, and angels to name some of the lighter things within. Entering all four attractions allows you the complete experience at best price.

How long does it take?
Each event last around 15 minutes. Entering the whole experience takes around 45 minutes to an hour with entering all five different attractions.

Will actors touch you?
No, but there may be situations actors bump into you. Please understand it is unintentional.

Do you have security?
Yes, security will be provided by Utica Police Department on site and on site staff.

What happens if I want to show off and punch an actor in front of my friends?
Punching/shoving actors is assault, that’s why the police are on site to ensure safety. We will fully prosecute anyone jeopardizing the safety of our staff. We encourage everyone to help each other in maintaining an entertaining time and keep your friends in check.

Do you offer Group discounts?
Yes, please email for info. Group rates start at 25 minimum attendees for organizations.

Is it wheelchair accessible?
3 out of 4 attractions are wheelchair accessible. Please notify us ahead of time so we can properly provide an escort. If you forget to tell us ahead of time, please mention to ticket booth when purchasing tickets.

Have you ever fought in a nuclear war?
Not yet.

Do you sell shirts?
Yes, shirts are available at a very low price and on display at ticket counter. You may also purchase shirts on this website under MERCHANDISE.

Is the Cayo building actually haunted?
There is extensive history to the building, dating back to the 1860’s. That’s almost 160 years of activity in the building surviving through the ages. Stories have been brought forward by actors/tenants/customers witnessing strange occurrences.

Do you offer other discounts?
Yes. Bring in a can of animal food (not human), we will give you a dollar off admission. We also offer a military discount for all soldiers. On Fridays only, bring in your Utica Hockey game ticket during the night of games to receive discount to Cayo.

Do you offer refunds?
No, ticket sales are final.

Is there a Heaven or Hell?
In certain moment’s we explore regions of the earth only to find the areas in between.

Can I carry my belongings through?
We ask to please leave all handbags/backpacks locked in your vehicle.

How do I be an actor?
There is a LIFE SUPPORT/HELP WANTED menu on the website that details more information. Dedicated people only.

Can I come drunk off my ***?
No. You will not be allowed into the attractions. You are a liability to yourself and others. It also may seem fun to come through loaded, but you will also miss most of what is intended to be experienced.

How long has the Cayo Halloween event been active?
Cayo is now 15 years in running.

I want to sponsor Cayo, how do I go about doing so?
Please email us. Thank you for your interest!