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$12 (Enter any single attraction) ($13 Archana)
$30 (BEST DEAL: ACCESS ALL 4 attractions / Enter Archana for FREE)
$40 (ENTER ALL ATTRACTIONS + ESCAPE WARD) (Tickets limited for escape room per night)

Purchase tickets at attraction location only, cash only, ATM on site.
Tickets available all night til closing.
Children not recommended, but allowed under parental supervision and discretion.
Check FAQ for discount info.

The Warehouse

Cayo Industrial Horror Realm returns now for its 16th year trademark with four walkthrough attractions. Enter the four indoor walkthrough horror realms, tormenting corridors and echoes from bowels of a dying world.


All four attractions shapeshift yearly with new hidden messages, new faces and new experiences.


Atrophy Escape Ward is a forthcoming full 8 room Escape facility inside the Archana Asylum, where you become trapped inside a patient and the Surgeoen's mind. Each room meets your own procedures to free yourself from the confinements of the asylum's puzzles, messages, and restraints. Exclusively for 2018, experience a different sneak peak of 2 of the 8 rooms inside the Atrophy Escape Ward attraction during the October Cayo season. To experience ALL 8 rooms, purchase the 5-PASS during October to receive a pass-code to enter the Atrophy Escape website. The full 8 room version is exclusive access only.

Now it’s your turn. Walk through actual cells, become a prisoner of your own fear, see another side of yourself, realize the blessings of insanity, leave yourself behind.

Abandoned places, abandoned minds. Insane world, insane minds, Two thousand eighteen - Two thousand eighteen.